Gone Fishing

What would happen if we left the office for a break and decided not to return? Birchcrest Tree & Landscape decided to take a look at our landscape office if we did just that and let Mother Nature take over. To our surprise a garden has begun to grow. The seed packs meant for a customer's garden are now sprouting up in the bag of topsoil someone left behind. The untrimmed tree has burst through the window and a family of cardinals has made a new home. No one at Birchcrest Tree & Landscape could ever imagine how their offices could become so transformed! What once was a desk has taken root and become a permanent part of the landscape. How do we reclaim our work space? Or do we try to inspire the "Garden Life" and leave it for Mother Nature? The designers at Birchcrest Tree & Landscape can't help but go with their natural desire to create beautiful outdoor spaces. We will take our paperwork elsewhere and allow this garden the life it deserves.

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Overgrown Office  
Water Barrel  
Gone Fishing
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