It starts with a dream of that perfect patio or gardenscape - or maybe you just have an idea that you would like to improve the quality of your outdoor living.

The Birchcrest design team can take your dreams & ideas and translate them into the ideal solution for your landscape, from a single feature to a full-scale project that may be arranged in phases over time. We can transform a plain or outdated yard into the outdoor landscape of your dreams.

Our Proccess

Consultation: our designer will meet with you to discuss what you would like your home to look like. We review what plants you do and do not like, what colors, and styles of materials you like to create the beautiful outdoor living environment you have always envisioned.

Design: Using state of the art design tools, the design team will present you with the best possible solution to your design needs. The designer returns to the homeowner typically in a week or two with the following presentation:

  • A full-color computer generated design
  • An estimate of how much your project will cost
  • Information about our guarantee policies
  • Design details and options
  • Other information about products, and about Birchcrest

Installation: Once a contract has been signed, our experienced installation specialists will professionally install your landscape using the highest quality material.

That’s all there is to it. No funny stuff, no surprises. That’s the Birchcrest Way!