Disease and Insect Control

Keeping Your Landscape Healthy

We know what to treat, how to treat and when to treat. Our technicians, horticulturists and Certified Arborists are experienced diagnosticians with the ability to create tree and shrub health care programs that address pest problems at the optimum time for maximum control.

Insect infestations and disease attacks weaken plants, as well as make them unsightly. Our goal is to provide effective pest control while maintaining a healthy respect for our environment. Your program is customized to the unique needs of your property, and services are performed by knowledgeable, certified technicians.

We are familiar with the specific pest, disease and environmental issues in our region, and are always aware of new pests in the area so we can have controls ready as soon as they become necessary.

Insect Control: We control insect infestations using the most effective sprays, soil systemic injections and trunk injections.

Disease Control: For the deadly, disfiguring or nuisance fungal diseases that are common in the landscape today, we apply carefully timed treatments to give you the best possible control for that plant disease.