Utility Vegetation Management

Birchcrest Tree and Landscape provides Rochester area public utilities with prompt, reliable line clearing and vegetation management services.

Our line clearance crews are all certified line clearance arborists, trained to safely help utilities provide uninterrupted power to customers. We provide utilities with vegetation management at all levels – Transmission Line Clearing, Distribution Right-of-Way Clearing and Substation Maintenance.

Why Is Line Clearing Necessary?

Many streetscapes had large shade trees before we had electricity, and people love tree-lined streets. To assure that we enjoy uninterrupted power, these trees must be trimmed periodically to prevent branches from coming in contact with the wires. Most utilities contract with specially-trained tree care companies like Birchcrest to maintain the proper distance between trees and wires.

Utilities provide us with precise specifications for each trimming contract, and we have to follow those specs to the letter, as required by the New York State Public Service Commission (PSC). Non compliance carries hefty fines. You can read the PSC regulations at dps.ny.gov.

Emergency Tree Work: We provide emergency tree removal and trimming.